The Muted

The Muted are two brothers who share a love of punk music and have decided to form their own band. There new single has “Wide Asleep” has just been released.

Band members:

Jack (Guitar/Vocals) and Max (Drums/Backing Vocals)

What inspired you to create The Muted?

We always wanted to be in a band as it gives you the freedom of sharing your creativity. Green Day hugely inspired us as they were the band that got us into rock music.

What is your favourite song you have recorded?

Our new single ‘Wide Asleep’ is by far our favourite song we’ve recorded. This is because we have really developed our producing and songwriting. It just feels much better than our earlier songs.

What is your best live show experience?

We once played the O2 Academy2 Islington which was our first and only live show. This probably makes it our best experience and we did have a great time!

What bands would you most like to tour with?

We would love to tour with many bands. Too many to list!

How would you describe your band to someone listening for the first time?

A punk/alternative duo, bringing an early 2000s sound with an edge.

What do you prefer: playing live shows or recording in a studio?

Well we’ve definitely spent more hours in the studio than on the stage, although we would love to do more shows in the future. But I guess they both are equally as fun in many different ways.

What is the biggest struggle you have had on your music journey?

Getting gigs is pretty hard these days, especially as we’re young we struggle to find the right venues and the right promoters.

What is your process for writing songs?

We just let it come naturally. It usually starts with a guitar lick and a melody, then it may progress with some drums followed by lyrics. Afterwards we add other instruments when recording such as keyboards.

Where in the world would you most like to tour?

Everywhere! We would love to be able to tour as many places as possible in the future.

What does the band have coming up that will get fans excited?

Our new single ‘Wide Asleep’ comes out 19th October. We’re super excited about this one as it’s a huge step in the direction we would like to take our sound. We can’t wait to see people’s responses.

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