Hands Like houses- Anon

Hands Like Houses fans have been waiting for the new release Anon for what feels like ages. They have progressed a lot since Dissonants but put in a lot of effort to keep their unique sound. Below is a track by track review of Anon.

Album cover


Kingdom Come

This was the song I was most excited to hear. I do really like the title and the concept I imagined these guys would do with that. It was not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed.


Monster is a bit different to the usual Hands like Houses, however the imagery that comes with the song is amazing.
It has given Hands Like Houses great exposure as it has been used as the official song for WWE.


Sick has a cool way of sounding completely different from everything they have done before yet still maintaining that distinct Hands Like Houses sound. I think this comes down to the vocals, particularly in the chorus, because lets face it Trenton’s vocals are a big reason why we love Hands Like Houses.


What I love most about Hands Like Houses is the relatability of the lyrics. Overthinking is the perfect example of this. Everyone has those times that they overthink something and Trenton has expressed that beautifully.

Through Glass

This song is soft but poppy. sounds a bit more electronic and could almost be a great mellow song to dance to a club.


Half-hearted is a mix between being really soft while also sounding very rock. I thought it was a very sweet reimagining of the phrase half-hearted.

No Man’s Land

What I though of immediately when I was listening to this was unity. As I delved deeper into the lyrics it made me thing of loneliness and how toxic this society is.

“Nobody told us that it’s not weakness to open up and reach for help”. This song seems to have a great message that fits well with being released just after World Mental Health Day.


Not surprisingly the darkest track on the album. It’s borderline creepy but very catchy.



MPI love this track so much. I’m singing it constantly. I’ve listened to this song so much that I had the illusion that it was an older song. This is one of the few songs on Anon that sounds like a true Hands Like Houses song.

Bad Dream

Bit of background for this song. Trenton was struggling with what he had written and one day Alex and Joel showed up late and hungover and that seemed to make it all fit together. It’s basically an example of right time, right song. It is one of those songs that I really like but will need to listen to a few times before really appreciating it.


I like the progression these guys have made with Anon. Though it is quite different they have managed to keep that distinct Hands Like Houses feel that we all love. I believe they have done a great job of putting something together that almost everyone will enjoy something from, without betraying their fans.

Yes, it is different but once you get past that it is a really cool album. What I really love about it is how they manage to do two seemingly contradictory things at once on so many of the tracks.


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