Divine by Night are a heavy hitting band who have been together for 3 years.


Band Members:

  • RJ Burdett- Guitar and Vocals
  • James Clark- Guitar
  • Alex Kang- Bass

How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

We’ve known each other for about 4 years, we met through mutual friends in the local music scene.

How long has Divine By Night been a band?

We’ve been in this band since late 2015, we were in other projects before this band and broke away to start Divine By Night.

What is your favourite song you have recorded?

Our favorite song to record was ‘Worthless To Me’, we had a fun yet challenging time layering multiple guitar and bass parts together.

What bands have you been influenced by?

We’ve been influenced by heavy bands such as Metallica, bring me the horizon, Beartooth, Our Last Night, and Bullet for my Valentine. We’re also influenced by other genres such as pop, electronic, and classical.

What is your best live show experience?

We actually have our first show this October, we’re planning on making some awesome memories there!

How would you describe your music to someone about to listen for the first time?

We have heavy driving riffs, with very melodic choruses.

Where would you like to see your band in 6 months? 12 months? 5 years?

In six months we plan to finish up recording a new record and some acoustic songs, within a year we plan on expanding out and playing shows. Within five years we plan to be a national touring band.

What is the biggest struggle you have had on your music journey?

The biggest struggle we have had so far has been time and finding ways to produce music and video content on our own.

Do you still have ‘regular’ jobs outside of your music? If yes, what do you do?

We all have full time jobs outside of the band, we work at a music store (very fitting for us).

What is your process of writing songs?

All of our songs come about differently, the most common way we start is typically with a riff or a small guitar part and build an outline from there. After we have a format we’ll begin layering instruments, finally adding vocals in last.

How do you listen to music? (Spotify, YouTube, Apple music)

We listen to music on YouTube and Apple Music primarily.

What is one thing you can’t live without? (other than air and water)

One thing we can’t live without is our guitars (and music in general). If we’re not at work, we are doing something music related.

Who is your biggest supporter?

Our biggest supporter has been our friends, specifically our friends Katy and Matt. They’ve helped us out a ton! So thanks to them!

What is the best way for new listeners to find your music?

New listeners can find our music through YouTube, and most streaming outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music!

If you want to hear more of Divine By Night check them out on Never Coming Home’s spotify playlist.

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