6 great Aussie bands

I found it hard living in Adelaide where the only artists who would our to our little city were Aussie bands. Live music is one of he few social nighttime activities I enjoy. Fortunately, Australia has some amazing musicians and I have had the opportunity to see some of these incredible acts.

Music is what keeps me going. When I feel down I can put on my favourite music and it lifts me back up. No matter what I’m feeling or what I’m going through, I know I can plug my headphones in and everything will get better. Below are six of my favourite Aussie bands (not in any order) with reasons why I love them. Each are worth checking out.

What make these Aussie bands even better is that half of them have front-women. That’s right half these bands are led by incredible women.

1. Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses has an extra special place in my heart. Their show at Unibar was my little cousin’s first concert and after finding out she was going to see them we really connected over music. In 2017 I was able to take her to multiple shows around Adelaide (not Hands Like Houses) which wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t discovered we both love Hands Like Houses.

I have seen these guys twice and both times have been phenomenal. Their set at Unify was mind blowing. They made a huge crowd feel really intimate which I think is something Aussie bands are really good at.


I first heard Stansbury early 2017 after a ticket link appeared in my news-feed. I clicked on it heard the opening bars to “Riverbend” and was hooked. This was the fastest connection I had had with a band in a long time. I managed to go to most of their Adelaide shows last year, often with my little cousin. In addition to great shows, the band was so nice, they gave us free (demo) CDs and wristbands and have remembered us at each show.

3. After Change

Also from Adelaide, After Change have been the support act for other bands I have seen live. I always seem to hear about there upcoming shows after I have already brought a ticket to the main act. This just means that I get double the excitement.

Not only do they do an amazing cover of 30 Seconds to Mars song “the Kill” (though I usually hate covers, After Change do this well), they also have one of the few songs I don’t mind getting stuck in my head for days on end. My favourite After Change song is “Too Close Too Home”.

4. The Beautiful MonumentBeautiful monument

The Beautiful Monument’s album “I’m the Sin” is one of my favourite albums at the moment. I can listen to it nonstop. There are many reasons to love the girls including the poetic lyrics.

5. Drown This City

It is rare to find a good screamo band, particularly one that is fronted by a woman. This isn’t because women aren’t good at screaming but simply because there are so few of these bands. Drown This City was the first band like this that I found. I was even more excited when I heard they were Australian.

Check them out on Youtube, you won’t regret it.

6. Tonight Alive

I have seen Tonight Alive five times and each time they have been amazing. They bring so much energy and passion to the stage and truly care about their fans. The main reason I love Tonight Alive though is when I discovered them I was really struggling with my anxiety. Listening to “What Are You So Scared Of?” I felt so connected to this song. Every anxious thought I had had been put into this song and it gave me courage to go out and do things.

Music is more then good sounds and vocals. It is about the connection we have with it and other people. It sets us on a journey of various emotions.

Check out the playlist I created on Spotify with all these Aussie bands.