Hummus is everything

So far eating out for me has been a bit of a challenge. This is for two reasons, first the language barrier and second Chinese people don’t have the best understanding of vegan or even vegetarian. I have dealt with this by cooking most of my food myself. However, there is one place I cannot resist and that is what we have affectionately called “The Turkish Place”. The Turkish Place is a short taxi ride from our place, and is close to the stunning Hot Springs Park. This makes it far enough that going there becomes a treat but close enough that it is never a struggle.No matter how far it is though, hummus is always worth traveling for.

In addition to good food, this restaurant has very unique decor. With customised lights and decorated plates hung on the walls and a wall-sized painting this place has its own special charm.

Now I know what you are thinking: “WHAT ABOUT THE HUMMUS!!!” Well, hummus is good anytime, however it is even better when you live in a country where chickpeas are uncommon. This hummus would easily rate five stars even if hummus were readily available here. Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe how great it is. I have been there three times within two weeks for one reason and it is purely this hummus. If you weren’t sure about wanting to come to China, this should definitely be your motivating reason. So good!

Not only is the food amazing but the service is amazing and we are usually given some surprise. The first night we went we were treated to a show by a belly dancer, who seemed to come in special because of the large group of lao wais. This was amusing not just because she was an incredible dancer but another customer seemed terrified to look so he wouldn’t offend his date. He made it clear he wouldn’t look at her by purposely looking in the other direction.

On our most recent visit they also gave us complimentary tea and baklava. The baklava was so delicious, anyone who comes to Fuzhou needs to try it. Though admittedly not as good as the hummus, but then again what could be?

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