Running along the riverside

I typically start my day by walking outside for 40 to an hour. I find this helps me function throughout the day and I don’t get as restless as I might if I weren’t to exercise. Recently though I have started running in addition to my walk.

Running is something I have wanted to get into for a while, but have put it off for fear of being noticed and being too exhausted. Fortunately being a white person in China I already stand out so whether I am being completely normal or doing something crazy I will always get noticed. This has given me a weird sense of self-confidence and having people stare at me is now routine.

My favourite place to run is along the riverside. The river is about a twenty minute walk from my apartment but is the closest spot I have found where I don’t have to worry about cars or e-bikes running me over. It is also much prettier to run along the riverside with with the water and trees surrounding me.

Though public spaces are filled with people exercising, running in China is not as common as it is back home. Instead people practice their tai chi and dancing. Some people even practice their sword moves, which has made me think I will need to get a sword so I can join in next time. Other popular riverside activities include karaoke and lively discussions. Not too weird right? What about preparing vegetables or getting a haircut? Yep, both appropriate things to do by the riverside.

With so much happening around me as I run it is easy to get distracted. At the moment I am not capable of running long distances so the distractions are good reasons to rest. I will however take my headphones with me on future runs to prevent this from happening.

Hopefully my motivation for running will continue and I will be capable of running longer distances. For now, though I am proud to know that I have made an effort and have exercised.
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