Another day, Another mountain

  One of the best things about Fuzhou is being surrounded by mountains. I love having the option of just picking one of the many mountains to climb/walk around. So the other week me and some workmates decided to do Jin Ji Shan, Golden Chicken mountain.

We began our journey by getting into a taxi at our local shopping center. Once we arrived we were greeted by a massive water-fountain of multiple chickens, none of which were golden.

Further into the park area was a beautiful waterfall with a pavilion beside it. To get to the pavilion we had to climb up winding uneven stairs. However, looking at the pavilion and waterfall was a more pleasant sight from below. We snapped a few photos and then continued our adventure by going further up the mountain.

In many public areas, both in China and Australia, there is often playground gym equipment. In China, a lot of the time these outdoor gyms seem to be in strange places. Places where many of us lao wais tend to wonder “why would anyone want to workout here”. This is particularly so when the walk up the mountain is a good form of exercise. Though we lacked energy me and my fellow Aussie decided that we ought to put some of the equipment to good use. Therefore we used two different pieces of equipment for a solid 20 seconds.Obviously our fitness goals are high.

One of the main features of Jin Ji Shan is the boardwalk that goes around the mountain. Walking along we had magnificent views of the city below. It’s views like this that make me so happy that I chose to move to Fuzhou. Seeing all the green everywhere makes me so happy.

To go down the mountain we had two options. The long way or the super steep way. None of us were game enough to go the steep way, and we opted for the long way. We arrived safely at the bottom and I’m still unsure how safe we wold have been going the other way.

Jin Ji Shan was a beautiful spot and I would highly recommend to any traveling to Fuzhou. If you enjoyed reading about this mountain please share, comment and like and check back soon to here about more of my adventures.

30 thoughts on “Another day, Another mountain

  1. Those look like gorgeous mountains, I bet they were more beautiful in person though. I love hiking through the mountains and exploring, but I don’t think I would have picked the steep way neither, LOL.

  2. I didn’t know that you can experience a mountain like this! I thought that you just climbed rock until you reached an area to peer off of the mountain!

  3. Looks like you got some amazing views! Hikes are so fun for getting a new perspective on a place and for exercise.

    1. The hardest part is making the decision, fortunately I have many friends who have been here longer so I let them give a recommendation and just go with it.

  4. If i were with you, i would also opt for the long way. The steep way may be fun and real quick but with grest company, who needs to finish the walk that fast?

    1. I would definitely recommend coming to China, it is so beautiful and the culture is amazing. If you get a chance go to places other than Beijing and Shanghai too, there is so much to experience.

  5. What a gorgeous location! I live near the beach with mountains accessible too. I find a lot of peace in the mountains so I like to visit as often as possible.

  6. This would be fun to do but like you, I wouldn’t choose the steep way. I have a fear of heights, except when flying (weird) so I would have been a nervous wreck going the steep route. I love your gorgeous photos.

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