Xichan Temple

Temples are something that most people who come to China want to see, and I am defiantly no exception. One of the main temples in Fuzhou is Xichan and was top of my to-do lost when I arrived. So me and some of my new workmates went to check it out.

We started this adventure by meeting at the bus stop near our school. As we waited for the bus we each checked that we had money to get on the bus there and back. The trip there was uneventful unlike the trip home.

As we entered through the main gate I was struck by the beauty of the garden and we all started snapping pictures almost immediately. We wondered through the gardens snapping pictures wherever looked like it would be a good shot. The pagoda was very impressive and is the tallest brick pagoda in China and we all made sure to get that into multiple shots.

We then moved into the Hall of 500 Arhats, which houses statues of 500 Arhats, as if the name didn’t give that away.These were all unique and had interesting expressions, some of which looked quite amusing. While some had expressions of bliss others seemed to offer warnings or displayed their power, others were just comical       .

In addition to the Arhats, there were giant golden Buddha statues in various buildings. Each of these had their own decorated private room. Seeing the detail and effort put into these statues and rooms made me wish I knew more about the spiritual beliefs of Buddhas, something I will need to research.

We then continued wondering around the gardens and watched the turtles in the ponds for awhile before heading home. Getting home we tried catching a bus but weren’t sure which number we needed. This led to us getting on the wrong bus which started going the right way but ended up taking us in the opposite direction to which we needed. It took us a while to figure out the best way to get home but we decided to go back to the temple and get a bus from there.

We ended the day by going to a cafe close to our home that another friend had recommended. The decor excited my British comrades as it reminded them of pubs back home. However, I was starving and could only care about food. The drinks were interesting and unusual but the food was delicious.

38 thoughts on “Xichan Temple

  1. The photos came out nice and clear. Pity the initial bus ride didn’t lead to somewhere exciting to visit or plan to go to in the future. I love those sorts of wrong bus trips.

  2. What a lovely adventure, I’m sure you took a lot of great photos of your experience, I’m a fan of photography, and I’m sure I’d be crazy shooting all the gardens, halls and all the Buddhas on my way. Thanks for sharing this experience

    1. I’ve recently started taking more photos, something I’ve always been interested in but just haven’t had a good camera

  3. Other then the bus ride home-that looks like it would be a delightful way to spend the day. I have never been to China but my Mom has and she was awed by all she saw there. At least you were smart enough to go back to where you knew you could get the right bus back home—and that you ended the day by having a marvelous meal.

    1. If you can get the chance China is worth seeing. It is awing.
      Always got to look on the positive and see that the day was well spent.

    1. They sure are. I just wish that there was more information around in English at this temple, most of what I read was translated through google

  4. I have also got on the wrong bus going somewhere when abroad, it does take a day or so to orientate yourself I can be funny when things like that happen. All part of the adventure 🙂 lovely pics, when I went to Bali last year I saw a lot of temples also and they are beautiful and yes I agree very spritutal and intriuging

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  6. We love exploring temples ourselves. It’s so much fun and spiritually enriching. Love the images !!

    1. It is always an amazing experience, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them while I’m here

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