Gu Shan- Drum Mountain

Two weeks after my arrival in Fuzhou, me and my new friends ventured up Gu Shan (Drum Mountain),which is approximately 925 meters tall. There were many stairs and all of them were different sizes, heights and shapes making the trek more difficult.

The journey up was long and tiring and I soon realised I was improperly dressed for such an adventure. FYI long sleeves are not suitable hiking wear in Fuzhou weather. However, that did not stop me from appreciating the magnificent views. From the red writing over many rocks, which is typical at ‘tourist attractions’, tall trees, shrines and the city-scape below I was surrounded by pure beauty.

One of the first things you learn moving to China is that getting your picture taken is a common occurrence since lao wais (foreigners) are an uncommon sight in China. This is sometimes with your permission but usually people just snap one without even saying hello. We were constantly stopped for pictures on our way up Gu Shan. Surely it must have seemed like a lao wai jackpot for those people getting two gingers (one male and one female), a blonde and a brunette in one photo.

It is also typical in China, that when a Chinese person who can speak any English spots a lao wai they use the opportunity to practice their English. Half way up the mountain a little boy joined me for this purpose and he walked with me to the top. I don’t think he could understand why I was constantly stopping to catch my breathe.

Once we got to the top we sat and rested for a while and then went into the temple. The temple had a magnificent Buddha statue in the middle of a pond filled with turtles. I enjoyed watching the turtles sunbathe on a log and one little turtle trying desperately to join his friends on the log. He was so cute but his legs just weren’t strong enough to pull himself up.

In the temple, once again, people were excited by the opportunity to take pictures of the lao wais and we had our own little photo-shoot in front of a big bell. It was then decided for us that we needed photos to be taken ringing the bell.

We were then shown around the temple by a very friendly guy who didn’t speak any English but was good at acting out what he was talking about. One of the things he showed us was the pots used to cook for the monks. They were enormous and called something like “1000 monk pots” .

For our journey down we chose to use the chair lifts. This was good in theory until I remembered my fear of heights after getting into the chair. Fortunately the ride down wasn’t too scary. Instead I was amused to see the people going up having naps in their chair lift or trying to snap pictures of us.

Gu Shan was absolutely beautiful and we had a wonderful day. I am looking forward to exploring other places around Fuzhou and China and sharing those experiences with you. Please like and share if you enjoyed reading about this adventure.

76 thoughts on “Gu Shan- Drum Mountain

  1. Hi wow you write a blog so well, very interesting
    Of course missing you but it is awesome that you are loving it and experiencing a new culture
    Lots of people asking me how your going
    Looking forward to reading more soon

  2. Wonderful to actually read of one of your adventures in your new homeland. Look forward to reading more and seeing other photos as time goes by. Nice to pick up a few Chine words as well eg lao wais

  3. China is so big there is so much to see even in the tiniest place! Moving to China is such a big jump, so brave of you for doing it. Thanks for sharing your adventure and glad to see you are making the most of the adventure

    1. It is gorgeous. Do you live in somewhere in China?
      BTW checked out your site really like your layout.

    1. Visiting? Nah, I live here now.You’re right though it is so beautiful. I can’t believe how lucky I am to live somewhere so amazing.

  4. I could not imagine having my picture taken that frequently. I really hate when it happens but I guess its something I would get used to if I ever went to China!

    1. A lot of the time you don’t notice, they can be quite sneaky about it. But when you get asked it is quite fun because you can see their excitement.

    1. We were encouraged yet I still felt like ringing it was disrespectful for some reason, probably because it was so quite up there.

    1. Looking at your picture I would say they would more than likely. Sometimes though the only want a certain lai wei

  5. What a beautiful destination! I am not the hugest fan of heights, but would probably just suck it up and get on the chairlift to get down, too. How long did you or are you staying in the area?

    1. After a few minutes I forgot about the height it was more knowing I was just hanging there by one piece of metal.
      My contract is for a year but I may stay longer, so many places to see, so little time

  6. there is so much to see in China my mom went a few years ago and was there for a month and she says she still didn’t have enough time to explore.

    1. I’ve been here three months and have another nine to go but I feel like that isn’t going to be enough to see all that I want to

    1. It’s always fun to see their reactions to us. When you get the chance make sure you go to places other than the big tourist places, like the Great Wall, as well. There is so much to see and do

  7. That was a wonderful adventure. It must have been a little funny and confusing stopping for pictures with the locals. It feels like a celebrity. haha

    1. Thank you, that means a lot to me. I’m really looking forward for when I get to do the Great Wall later in the year

  8. This looks like such a neat place to visit! I love adventures travels like this one. Might have to add it to my bucket list.

  9. This must’ve been such a great experience for you. I’ve heard China is beautiful with it’s historic sights and buildings. I absolutely love reading about your travel journey!
    xo, Sondra

  10. What a wonderful experience it must have been. I would love to do hiking in China to explore more of the natural beauty.

    1. There is o shortage of places to hike here, I am spoiled for choice, though it is a little different to what I’m used to

  11. We also had this when visiting Beijing in 2013. Our pictures were taken everywhere we went. It was such a sight to behold. Also, I love when attractions have chair lifts or similar for the journey down, I always opt for that lol.

    1. It really does make you feel like a celebrity doesn’t it?
      I like the idea of chair lifts but they scare me.

  12. Funny isn’t how we communicate when we don’t speak the language. Your story of the tour guide at the temple reminds me of a time when we visited Mexico and I was searching for a shoe store.

  13. This sounds like it was an awesome place to visit! I love reading about people interacting with other cultures, although I always get a little jealous. Thanks for sharing your travels with everyone!

  14. This sounds like an awesome trip. It is interesting that people wanted to take pictures of the forgeiners.

    1. It’s was weird at the beginning but I’m used to it now so it will seem weird when I go somewhere and noone wants to take it, haha

  15. I am looking forward to enjoying your review of the other locations. Drum Mountain sounds lovely!

  16. Oh my goodness, you should’ve burned a lot of calories that day! How fascinating to be a celebrity in China just because of your ethnicity. Regular people can then be paparazzi. It is an adventure indeed! Happy travels!

  17. China is one of the beautiful place, mix with traditional culture, super modern and complications. Many foreigners like living in China because of many opportunities. When you embrace the culture, China will be good to you.

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